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Tim Hill, Education for Sustainability Consultant

Tim HillTim is a Sustainability Educator, Consultant and Director of HotRock, a small W.A. based NGO working to make sustainability education accessible, relevant and fun for schools and communities by providing innovative and effective sustainability learning experiences that engage students’ “head, heart and hands”.

Tim’s current work has been in partnership with ARC Active to design and deliver an educational program exploring a holistic approach towards sustainable urban design using the ARC Sustainable Living Guide. The program provides a series of practical work shops where participants explore current best practice methodology in a local urban design context. He is also engaged in developing an integrated reporting model for sustainable event management linked to internationally accredited standards. This work has been driven by a desire to connect young people to sustainable industries that are working to create innovative and practical solutions for a sustainable world.

Tim grew up on the Eastern edge of the W.A. Wheatbelt and developed a strong sense of community and connection to the natural world from a young age. Working as a teacher and school leader in Victoria, Tim supported schools towards becoming sustainable through the AuSSI Resource Smart Framework and connected like-minded educators through the development of Teachers of Environment Networks. He completed a Masters of Environment (Sustainable Development) from Melbourne University in 2012 while working as a council member for the Victorian Association of Environmental Educators and developing a whole-school change model for a leading sustainable Primary School in Melbourne.

He is currently also working to develop a whole-school sustainability model in a new Secondary College in Baldivis, connecting community groups, business and industry, local government, Universities and TAFE to provide a supportive and inspiring place to learn and grow.

“In working towards our sustainable future we must prepare future generations to lead, to challenge traditional ways of thinking and create innovative solutions in connection to the world around them. We must also work to mitigate the effects of a generation who are growing up with a ‘nature deficit’ by reconnecting them to their natural environment through thought provoking and engaging experiences that help them to examine their responsibilities as stewards of our planet.”