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Chris Ferreira, Landcare Solutions

Chris FerreiraAbout Chris Ferreira: : BSc (Forestry), Landcare Planning and Design Cert 1991; Permaculture Design Cert 1995; Master Tree Growers Cert 2002; 2003 Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Chris Ferreira has been a leading expert on sustainability in WA for the last 22 years. He specializes in community education and advocacy focusing on sustainable waterwise gardening and landscaping, energy efficiency, renewable energy, landcare, forestry and revegetation. He runs his own award winning company Landcare Solutions which he set up to inspire and empower the community to live more sustainably.

Chris has a solid background in environmental science and sustainable land management and has emerged as a leading authority in the community on sustainable living. As an advocate for change and in a volunteer capacity he has regular roles on 720 ABC Radio and on the ‘ask the expert’ segment of 94.5FM and as well as other radio, TV and print media.

He currently works as director on a range of high profile and award winning community education projects:

Great Gardens: Chris is co-founder of the award winning Great Gardens program, which is the largest free community education scheme in Australia. Great Gardens has been delivering workshops since 2003 and has now reached more than 66,000 people across WA.

Heavenly Hectares: Chris is a co-founder of this program that provides workshops to the rural community on sustainable land management. Since 1999 over 11,000 small rural landholders have been through the program, and Chris has helped over 1250 landholders create sustainable farm-plans for their properties. Through this project - and based on the experiences gained through this work - Chris has written WA’s most comprehensive book on sustainable land management which is awaiting publication in 2012.

 Chris has always had a passion for the environment and has been committed to contributing positively to the community by supporting, enacting and advocating for sustainability and environmental management. He holds the belief that it is important to lead by example and set progressive ‘state of the art’ projects into action to inspire and empower communities and as such Chris has a record for setting up innovative projects if none exists already in that space.


A Brief outline of his community endeavours:

1989-1991 – travelled to third world countries India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Uganda, Zaire and Kenya to study and write about sustainable development projects in these countries

1992 – 2003 Set about rehabilitating and re-vegetating the degraded family riding school and over the course of the next 11 years planted over 30,000 trees and shrubs and transformed it into a local sustainable farming demonstration project. Through this project over 50 Landcare tours, workshops and events were held to over 2000 people.

1992 - Set up a local landcare group – the Peel Landcare Group - to help the local farmers repair their degraded properties. Over the next 6 years he raised over $100,000 for the community and helped planted over 70,000 trees and shrubs in the region including nutrient stripping wetlands on WAs largest Sheep agistment centre as well as two Arboretums to demonstrate to the community the tree species that would thrive on the main soil types of the region.

1992-2009 – Board Member and Vice president (1999-2009) The Men of the Trees WA Inc

1994 – Co founded Perth City Farm in East Perth 1995 – Regular writer on sustainable land management for Hoofbeats a national equestrian magazine

1996 – co-founded WA’s first environmental employment agency Ecojobs to help new environmental students gain environmental work and experience.

1996 -2003 – designed and finally won approval for WA’s first peri-urban Eco Village – The Greenacre Ecovillage on the family riding school. This has served as an important precedent in the community to assist similar such projects to gain support from the WA Dept of Planning.

1999- conceived and then co-founded Heavenly Hectares as a free community environmental education service for small to medium sized rural land holders focusing on helping them create productive, sustainable and fire safe rural properties.

2001- Co founded and did original design and planting for the Baldivis Childrens Forest that has since become the winner of the National Schools Environment Award

2002-2004 – Board member for Narabegup – Rockingham Regional Environment Centre.

2003- Conceived and then co-founded Great Gardens WA’s first and largest free community environmental education program for WA gardeners and WA home owners helping them to create water, energy and riverwise landscapes and homes. To date over 66,000 people have attended over 720 workshops across WA.

2007 – Conceived and co-founded Great Homes and Gardens – a free community environmental education program to inspire and empower WA home owners to slash their power bills and have more energy efficient homes

2008- Board member for Carbon Neutral a not for profit tree planting carbon offset company and subsidiary of The Men of the Trees WA Inc 2008 – Contributing writer for ‘My Block’ Magazine focusing on sustainable management of small farms.

2009- became an ongoing regular presenter on ABC local radio promoting sustainable living 2011 – Set up the Great Sustainable Home Makeover Challenge to ‘walk the talk’ and demonstrate to the WA public how they can create a beautiful and environmentally friendly home. 2011 – Set up Great Gardens TV (GGTV) as a free sustainable TV program to inspire and empower sustainability in the WA community


1999: Greenacre Ecovillage featured on the Case Studies in Sustainability Program (Murdoch University)

2000: Honorary Life Membership to The Men of the Trees Inc WA 2003: Landcare Solutions - Finalist WA Environment Awards

2003: Won a Rotary GSE scholarship to study sustainable farming in New Zealand 2003: Won the Centenary Medal for services to the environment.

2004: Landcare Solutions - Finalist WA Environment Awards

2004: Heavenly Hectares won the FESA Community Safety Award

2005: Great Gardens won the WA Environment Awards for promoting Behaviour change in the community

2006: Great Gardens was a finalist in the National Banksia Awards.

2006: Honorary River Guardian

2006: Landcare Solutions, Great Gardens and Heavenly Hectares featured as a Case Study in the Case Studies in Sustainability Program (Murdoch University)

2008-2010 – Chris featured in Who’s Who WA edition

2009 – Panel member for the Garden Industry Reference Group

2009- elected to the Horticultural Media Association

2010: Great Gardens won the WA Water Award for most Waterwise Business. Chris actively supports The Men of the Trees and is and is a panel member the Water Corporation Water Efficiency Committee.

For more information on Landcare Solutions, visit www.landcaresolutions.net.au. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.