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Alex Bruce, eTool & blc Energy Solutions

Meet Alex Bruce, Managing Director of BLC Energy Solutions and eTool.

I grew up in Perth and was always active in looking after the environment. Every year we have planted hundreds of trees to revegetate the family farm (totally offset our carbon many times over). I love our environment and the animals that live in it (including humans!). I love creating solutions that will help look after what we’ve got and ensure the fantastic opportunities I had to enjoy life will be available for thousands of years to come.

I have worked in the field of sustainable energy for the last seven years (ensuring my income has come from something I believe in) - owning a solar pv business and run a consulting business ( blc-energy solutions).I am currently aiming to make all our buildings carbon neutral with our recent business venture eTool. eTool is a web based software tool that enables designers to create buildings at the lowest cost with the lowest carbon footprint (or even a zero carbon footprint!). By looking at the entire life cycle of the building including the materials that go into it we are able to find where the best bang for buck is in reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

I spend a lot of time delivering workshops and lectures as I believe education is the key that will unlock all of the potential wrapped up in so many brilliant technologies we already have at hand.

On a personal level I have retrofitted my house to be super energy and water efficient and installed a PV system that produces twice as much power as we consume. I use grey water to grow our own vegies and recycled fish and chip oil to run my car (or ride my bike whenever possible).>

One of my hobbies is to turn other recycle materials into things that are useful and a little bit artistic. Also kite surf and mountain bike, sold the motorbike a while back as I can get my kicks without using fossil fuel!

The goods and services you consume account for about 65% of your personal carbon footprint. So probably the number one aspect for me reducing my carbon footprint is to consume less and ensure that whatever I do consume has minimal embodied impacts. This ranges from the packaging our food comes in to the clothes we buy and even spending time in hospital. Spend your money on acoustic music festivals and local fresh produce. Stay healthy and support businesses that are improving the planet not making it worse!