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Sally Lewis, Subiaco Farmers Market

Sally Lewis

Meet Sally Lewis, the visionary behind the Subiaco Farmers Markets. Having moved to Subiaco from Melbourne in 2007, she was disappointed to find there wasn't a farmers market anywhere near the vicinity. She had shopped regularly at local farmers markets within her inner Melbourne neighbourhood and wanted a similar experience in Perth.

Combining her passion for health with her love for good food Sally started Subi Farmers Market (SFM) in order to create a vibrant Community facility supplying the freshest quality, nutritious food - to benefit not only people's health but the locals kids, local & Regional producers, small business operations and the environment.

In just 12 short months Sally’s vision for SFM has become reality with the Market now well & truly part of the culture of Subiaco – in addition to providing the best quality produce around it has also become the central meeting place in Subi for locals & visitors alike on Saturdays – a place for people to linger, kids to play & community to thrive. Markets have always been central to the health of a community & can be described as the “heart beat of the village”. SFM has provided Subiaco with such a place where everyone is welcome & can belong.

Subiaco Farmers Market Stall Subiaco Farmers Markets Food

Future Events & Beyond, headed up by Sally and Katie Mathiesen are in high demand since their success with the Subi Farmers Market and the Twilight Hawker Market in the City of Perth in March 2011. With great ideas, good relationships with local councils and efficient organisational skills, the team at Events & Beyond are set to bring many more fabulous events to WA.

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Look out for:

  • - People Space, Commonweatlth Festival, CHOGM - Oct 2011
  • - Eco Fair At Perth Catherdral - Sept 2011
  • - Hertitage Food Trail - Oct 2011
  • - Twilight Hawker Markets popping up around Perth