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Sue – "Local Permaculturist"

Permaculture Principles

Relative Location
A great place for it to go.
To enable a design component to function efficiently, we must put it in the right place.
Variety is the spice of Life.
The number of functional connections between elements. It is not the number of things, but the number of ways in which things work.... A guild of elements that work harmoniously together.Sue Hartley
Learning to see the shapes of life
Permits our elements to flow and function in beneficial relationships. It is the way we frame our designs.
Biological Resources
Why buy a dishwasher when the kids can do it.
Using plants and animals wherever possible to save energy and to do the work of the farm or system
Natural Succession
Growing up.
Evolution of a system. To enable a cultivated system to evolve toward a long-term stable state, we can construct a system... carefully planning the succession of plants and animals so that we can receive short, medium and long-term benefits.
Energy Recycling
Keeping the energy in the system.
To stop the flow of nutrient and energy off the site and instead turn them into cycles.
Multiple Elements
More than one way to get what you want.
Every function (eg water collection, fire protection) is served in two or more ways.Sues Garden
Care of the Earth
Doing what is right for the Planet.
Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply.
Care of People
Looking after each other.
Provision for people to access the resources necessary for their existence.
Share our Resources
Sharing and recycling our resources.
By governing our own needs, we can set resources aside to further our ethics.
Elevational Planning
Water flows down hill, it is cooler at the bottom.
Look at the site in profile, noting relative elevations to decide on the placement of various elements.
Multiple Functions
Lots of uses for everything.
Every element (plant, animal, structure) must be placed so that it serves at least two or more functions.
Cool breezes, Sunny spots.
To channel external energies (wind, sun, fire...) into or away from the system.
The dunny is closer to the back door than the woodlot.
The placement of elements depends on importance, priorities and number of visits needed for each element
Maximise Edge
Live on the edge, there is more life there.
The interface between two ecosystems represents a third more complex system which combines both.