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Urban - Mia2

House with Water Tank

*** MIA2 FOR SALE ***


View a guided tour on youTube....

It is ARC's vision to show that it is possible to build an affordable, stylish and sustainable home, thus achieving a very low running cost and a minimal environmental footprint.

 The brief to the design team was to develop an overall package that looked at the property as a whole (from the front verge through to the back fence).

By incorporating smart design features that generate energy on site and passive solar design to reduce cooling and heating requirements we anticipate being able to run the house at less than $100 per month for all utilities.

In this drying climate and environment we live in, it was fundamental to adopt a waterwise strategy from the get-go. We felt the cornerstones of permaculture principles and best practice water harvesting, combined with native and productive food gardens, will further enhance the living experience.

The overarching goal was to design a house that minimized the embodied and operational energy in the manufacture, construction and medium and long term maintenance of the house (this has been scientifically measured by Etool).

By getting the design correct, including working with the orientation of the land and good environmental design principles we anticipate very low running costs and carbon emissions.

Mia2 is using best practice waste management during construction with Earthcare providing site management and waste recycling services to minimize building waste and will be making a donation to Carbon Neutral to compensate for any carbon emissions created during construction.

The design has cleverly maximized every square metre to achieve flexible accommodation. Mia2 features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas and a home office or fourth bedroom. The design incorporates cutting edge and conventional sustainable principles in the construction philosophy, but never loses site of the overarching goal of affordability in the construction methods.

ARCshelter has undergone extensive testing and modeling with best practice design tools to help achieve very high energy rating outcomes and has achieved a 9-star HERS energy rating.

This rating system was introduced by the Federal Government to assess the potential energy efficiency of Australian homes. NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) rates houses from zero to 10 stars, residents of a 10 star house are unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating, while zero stars means the building does almost nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather.

Designer: Lucky Stripe Design

Builder: Swell Homes

Sustainable Assessment: ARCACTIVE eTool

Carbon Offsetting: Carbon Neutral